Saturday, November 26, 2016

Back To "Real" Life

It's funny that our "real life" involves living in Australia that everyone back home thinks is so cool and exotic, but to us it's just normal!  We were actually quite happy to get back, because while it was nice to be with family and friends, it was not nice to have no schedule and no space to ourselves!  Our kids do extremely well with routine and that was non-existent in Canada!  There is so much for us to do in Australia and it was fun to get back to it!
This is Charlie and Elly at two in the morning right after getting back - they think it's the middle of the day and are ready to play!
Elly taking over Charlie's digger!  She loves all things trains, diggers and cars!
We have made it over to the Orion Lagoon a few times to cool off
Elly likes to drink smoothies that are almost as big as her! 
Before my haircut
After - it was horrible! I had to go somewhere else and get it fixed the next week.... got it a bit more layered and shorter, sad I don't have a different after picture - it's just so hot my hair is always up!

Our ward had a campout by the river - we didn't camp but came to check it out!

Gold Coast beach time!

We bought a van!  it was down on the Gold Coast which is why we made a day of it and went swimming!

One of Ellys favourite things - popsicles! 
Daniel gave Elly this dress for her birthday - she looks adorable!
Charlie was so clever and rigged this up at the train museum for transporting his things around

Charlie's getting brave - and climbing the spiderweb!
Not many parks here have sand so Charlie loves it when we get to them - this one even has a cool digger!
Charlie filled up his potty chart and got Tidmouth Shed
She's just so cute!
Squeezing orange juice at playgroup

Picnic in the Park
Charlie was so concerned that Elly was going to throw her hat overboard that he held it on her head...
For a special treat we set up the train set on the table
Carving watermelons at the YSA Halloween party
Doughnuts on a string (the YSA are keeping us young!)
Charlie's halloween costume - who else but Thomas! 
Charlie being a train and hauling Elly at the train museum
Airplane park!
At the drive in movie park they have a seedoo - Elly loved it!
We had a sweet hail storm!
Charlie thought it was pretty cool
We went through the Target catalogue and Charlie picked out the things he wanted to put on his Christmas list!  He even made a list for Elly.  On the list?  A stroller (on his and Elly's list), a lightning McQueen track, Thomas minis racetrack, a monster truck and a Frozen ice castle dollhouse (Elly's had a dollhouse too, but a different one so they could share)
seeds at the library this month was african drumming - Charlie refused to get involved and Elly was all in - she loves music and dancing and drumming - she's such a little performer!
This was a neat chair the guy brought to sit and do your drumming - Elly thought it was just her right size!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Birthdays and More!

After the wedding the next big event was Elly and Charlie's joint birthday party!  Elly turned one on September 2 and we celebrated Charlie's birthday early (his is on September 25).  We also tried to do a bunch of fun things we had wanted to before the wedding, but found no time for and tried to spend lots of time with friends and family before we headed back to Australia!
Cristin brought her camera to the party and took some really great shots!  We love being home with family and friends.
Happy Birthday to the cutest boy ever!  

First birthday cake smash with this adorable chunk! 

Finally got into it with her feet! 

I made this piƱata in Spanish class in high school and it had been sitting in my closet for 12 years!  My mom was glad to finally get it out of the house! Too bad he lost an eye before he even got smacked... 

I had to add this picture for Daniel and Andrew in the background! 

I'm sad we took the group picture after half the people had left!

Amy roped us into going to the garden
Charlie and Aunt Amy in the garden
One of my favourite things to do is go for walks in the ravine by my parents house.  Charlie was always asking to go to "the forest"  Up top there was a field of baled hay - perfect for pictures! 

Spent a few hours at the Legislature with their cousins, and for some reason this is the only picture I have!  It is impressive Elly got in there! But of course she needed help out...

We took the tram across the river to the Leg - Charlie was in heaven!
We roped Shano and Grayden and Amy into going with us too
Around the Leg at lunchtime there were a bunch of food trucks so we had a little picnic
On the tram - it had such neat lightbulbs!
Every time we found money this summer we put it in Charlie's piggy bank!  Then a few weeks before we headed home  I took Charlie to Toys r Us and he got to spend it!  Luckily the Thomas Trains we on half off this week!
Under 3's get free rides for them and a chaperone at Galaxyland so we had to go one last time while Charlie was still free!
Elly found herself a little cave in Simons!

Cahoon family canoeing at Islet Lake
 A few shots from my camera from the birthday party:
It's impressive I know...

It was my sisters YSA ward party after Elly and Charlie's party at the same place!  They rented these cool zorb balls to run around and bash into each other with - so we obviously took advantage!
Aunt Shano put pigtails in Elly's hair!  It worked for a minute before she pulled them out!
Grayden making a move already!
We're going to miss all the attention Grandma and Grandpa give us!
Dang this girl is cute!! 12 months old, how the time had flown. Walking everywhere and getting into all sorts of trouble!  She loves dancing and playing with her brother and opening every drawer!
Goodbye Canada!