Saturday, September 17, 2016

Waterton Camping

Shannon, Alex and Grayden drove down and we all went camping in Waterton for a few days.  It was a bit chilly, especially at night, but we did a lot and had heaps of fun!
It was cool driving in - the clouds were hovering on the tops of the mountains!
Charlie and Shannon making campfire cones

We did a little hike to Blakiston Falls - Charlie did so well and hiked the whole way!

We picked some saskatoon berries on the way back
We had a cold and rainy day - Charlie was not impressed! 
So I bundled him up like a burrito and fed him lunch while everyone was sleeping!
Can you spot the Grayden in this picture? 
Elly's got a tight form

Bears Hump has the best view!

Charlie was not impressed when the chipmunk stole his snacks!  They were not afraid of humans at all
Charlie was determined to be the first one down!
Hanging out at Red Rock 

We were going to have a Weiner roast on the way down at Pass Creek. Andrew and Alex went back to get some wood and left the women and children. Charlie made a little friend and they were playing on the banks of the creek  All of a sudden they come up to us and are like "we saw that bear over there!" We thought they were referring to a bear we saw earlier on the way down from Red Rock but no - there was a little bear right there!  It went to the other side, then came back to our side and disappeared so we decided not to stick around...
New Weiner roast location 

I love his little yellow boots! 
We hung around town after church for a little bit before we had to say goodbye!
Family picture at Cameron Falls
I just had to add this one - Charlie in the same spot Dec. 2014 - 1 1/2 years ago!

Little bear!
After coming back from Waterton Charlie got to play with his cousins for a little bit before they headed back up to Edmonton  
Monday we decided to go back to waterton one last time for FHE 
Who needs ice cream when you can eat rocks?

Goodbye Waterton! See you in a few years...

Cardston Rotation

Well now that we are back in Australia I have some catching up to do!! Funny how I thought I'd have all this time when we were home in Canada for things like blogging.... but NO! We were ridiculously busy the whole time, but it was a good, fun busy!  We headed down to Cardston a few days after Andrew flew in from Australia and stayed at Andrews Grandmothers house (she had passed away about a month earlier, luckily we were still able to stay there)  We went to Waterton as often as we could, and there were a few good parks to choose from as well! I even tried putting Charlie in swimming lessons, but that DID NOT work out.  He was so freaked out.  So instead we just went to the pool all the time to work on things with him ourselves.  My parents and Mary came down for a visit as well as my nephew Easton was getting baptized there.  We loved out time down in Southern Alberta!
Rest stop on the way down!  I think I have pretty cute kids...
We used to stop here when we were kids and brought our dog Sam, so this spot is named "Sams Hill" in the Burtenshaw family 
Charlie and Elly loved climbing on the fireplace! The fact that it was mirrored was an extra bonus 
One of our evening trips out to Waterton - throwing rocks into Red Rock Canyon
She is a cutie!
I took Charlie and Elly down to Lee's Creek, because I spent hours a day down here as a kid when we were in Cardston.  Charlie wasn't as thrilled with it as I hoped he'd be...
The Cahoon family at Cameron Falls
Andrew's Blue Steel
I love this place
The park at the school has a great view of Old Chief
The Stewarts invited us to Wally's Beach at St. Marys Dam - it was a great day!
Elly especially liked eating the sand
Charlie braving the cold water at Emerald Bay in Waterton.  I was brave and took the kids by myself one day
Elly's 11 month picture...

was photobombed by deer!

Leading up to Heritage Days in Cardston there were 4 days of pancake breakfasts!  I made it a goal to go to all 4 and we did! (what can I say? Free food!) This was the best one at the funeral home
And the second best at the Carriage Lane markets!
Charlie riding the "Charlie Horse"  He was terrified
This girl is a crazy good climber! 
She likes to climb up and then slide down on her tummy
Before the parade we all went down to the main street pancake breakfast. It started raining just as we were finishing

Luckily the rain cleared up in time for the parade!
Charlie and Mary with the parade candy haul  
Mary was going to go back but we convinced her to come to Waterton with us for a bit! 
Charlie being brave and climbing up on the rocks 
A typically windy day in Waterton - Elly girl and Grandma.  I was sure spoiled to have them around helping out with the kids!
Charlie and Grandpa
Prince of Wales Hotel
Nothing better than throwing rocks into the lake
Saskatoons we picked up at Red Rock Canyon - it kept the kids happy to have something to munch on!
No trip to Waterton is complete without a trip to the Big Scoop for some ice cream!