Wednesday, January 4, 2017


There was lots to see and do once Christmas was over!  Boxing Day people came over to Nina's house for dinner.  We got to meet a lot of relatives and we were very spoiled with yummy food and presents! The rest of that week was filled with a trip to Kings Park (Charlie got lost and it was the scariest time of my life!), Mandurah to visit Aunt Gloria and Uncle Rex and go on a dolphin adventure, took the train to downtown Perth, the coolest park ever (Bibra Lake?), Andrew and I's 7th wedding anniversary and New Years Eve!
(Pictures out of order - and a BIG thanks to Nina who took most of these pictures!  I was super slack with taking pictures this trip)

Nina and Charlie
This cute smile kills me!!!  The kids just love Nina!

Andrew's cousin Deb and her daughter Bec
We were fed very well!

DNA tower at Kings Park

The kids would have lived in the pool if we had let them!
Aunty Gloria
Elly loved the dogs, Luna and Oscar (well she liked them at first from a distance, scared if they came close! Then they were scared of Elly, then they all liked each other)
Kings Park
Kings Park lookout (right after Charlie got lost)
On the dolphin watching boat

Coolest park ever!  Elly would stay in the swing forever if we'd let her!
Glass bridge at Kings Park
Dolphin boat with Nana, Papa and Aunt Gloria
There were so many dolphins! And so close!
Charlie kept calling them whales
Train ride
Not only did they have this train, but also construction vehicles  fixing things right close - Charlie was in heaven 
Train into the city
Sunset picnic to celebrate our 7th anniversary!
No aussie picnic would be complete without a delicious cream and jam lamington!  After the sunset we went and saw Star Wars in Fremantle - which was the most expensive theatre!  $21 for a regular ticket, the theatre wasn't even fancy and we had to pay for parking.... Luckily the guy at the ticket counter gave us the student pricing when Andrew said he was a student... even though he accidentally showed the guy his drivers licence instead of his student ID! 
Favourite spot at the coolest park ever!

Ferry across the river
New Years Even consisted of a lot of food, swimming, family, friends and packing!  (We left New Years Day in the morning)
We loved our time in Perth!  We were so well taken care of and made to feel very welcome - the children were especially spoiled with all the attention!  Also the cooler temps were a huge bonus!  It was good to meet the Aussie side of the family - Thanks for having us!

Christmas in Perth

The flight over to Perth was delightful compared to the flight to Tassie!  We connected in Melbourne, got the kids all ready for bed, then caught our flight out.  It was a big plane 3-4-3 seating and I was all smart and booked us (in the middle section) aisle - middle - left it open - aisle, in hopes that no one would want to book a single middle seat and we were lucky - we ended up having the row to ourselves so Charlie and Elly both had room to sleep.  It was so nice to not have to try and keep them entertained!  Andrew's cousin Nina picked us up at the airport and we managed to squeeze all of us and our stuff into her minivan, and it wasn't even very squishy!  I love vans.  Since it was only a couple of days until Christmas, we spent time visiting, getting things ready and swimming in the pool!  I believe we even made it down to the beach... all the days blur together for me when we're on holidays!  Charlie was pretty excited for Christmas, we made sure to set out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.  This was my first Christmas away from my family (and without snow!) so it really didn't feel like Christmas to me - which I guess is a good things since I wasn't really sad then... After opening presents Andrew and I went to church (which was like a date! no kids!) then we came home and had a late brunch.  The kids napped then we headed down to the beach - we couldn't spend Christmas in Australia and not go to the beach!!!  
Pre-Christmas beach trip

Milk and cookies for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer!
Charlie got snow in his stocking! Kaylee was pretty excited about it too 

Christmas day at the beach!

Christmas Day sunset 

Oh I love this kid!
Merry Christmas 2016!

Friday, December 30, 2016


We headed down to Tasmania on Thursday morning and the flight, whilst short, was a gong show!  Elly was all over the place and just being crazy. David kept telling everyone throughout our stay in Tassie that on the flight over to Perth they wanted to sit as far away from us as possible so they didn't have to listen to Elly cry!  We were picked up at the airport by Keith and Dawn (who Jill has known for ages!) and their granddaughter Isla, and we went and picked up our rental van.  Charlie was thrilled to have a little friend to play with while we were there!  The next morning we headed off bright and early to Wineglass Bay.  Little did we know the only way to get there was to hike in.... well we weren't prepared nearly enough and didn't get there early enough, so we ended up just going to the lookout and then back down to a different beach.  Travelling with kids is hard!  Charlie and Elly didn't even make it up to the lookout, they stopped just short and we took shifts going up!

A little bathroom break on our way
The wildlife was friendly 

Charlie loved exploring on the rock
Rock wallaby up at the Wineglass Bay lookout
The famous Wineglass Bay - one of the top 10 beaches in the world (or so I've heard...) 

After the hike we stopped off at this cool lighthouse!  Andrew, David and I were the only ones who made the little trek but it was so worth it!  GREAT views

We stopped and got fish & chips on the way home and ate them at a little park near this beach, it was so nice!

These two love to have fun!!

Saturday we headed to the famous Salamanca Markets, which didn't take ay pictures at!  I was too busy looking at all the stalls...  Then Saturday afternoon Andrew stayed at home with the kids while the rest of us went to a musical of Pride and Prejudice - it was entertaining!  Sunday we went to church then went to a Christmas concert in the evening.  Monday was a fun day - we drove out to Richmond, where there is the second oldest bridge in Australia, and underneath?  Lots of ducks to feed!  Charlie loved it!  It was a quaint old town and very touristy with lots of little shops to look in.  I found some Australian animal finger puppets which I was SO excited about!  I'm trying to make sure we have lots of aussie things for our kids to remember our time here when we eventually move back to Canada, and finger puppets are nice and small!!

                                            Painting cookies - Andrew's favourite Christmas tradition from his childhood 

Feeding the ducks - the big white one was Charlie's favourite! (Although I don't think that's a duck...!)
The view from the peoples house we were staying at - Spectacular!

We left Tuesday evening so we had the morning to play!  We went to a beach 5 mins away from the Sayers house and it was so nice!  Not busy at all with nice gentle waves for the kids to chase (it was too cold for swimming!) and lots of sand to dig in.  There was a guy fishing down the beach which Charlie was just fascinated with!  Every time he'd cast Charlie would run around saying "he's casting! He's casting!" It was such a nice relaxing way to end our stay in Tassie!