Saturday, July 29, 2017

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Winter!

Well Australian winter that is...  It's even gotten down to 2 degrees at night lately!  Charlie and Elly have become very accustomed to having "warm chocolate" (aka MILO) every morning to combat the cold, we ran out a few weeks ago and it was seriously the end of the world for Charlie!  He is very much a creature of habit!  Well on to the pictures then...!

Nightly walks at Limestone Park have become a little less frequent with the cold nights!

There was a free day at the train museum so Andrew got to come and see where we spend a lot of our time!!  

New pram!  I had a few conditions on moving to Mt. Isa and this was one of them!

The kids and I went on a little hike at Mt. Coot-The - Charlie did so well and walked the whole way!

Too bad the waterfall wasn't flowing... but that meant we could explore the creek bed a bit! 

Small Quoll at the Nature Centre!

It stays so cold inside throughout the day!

The kids love having tea parties!

Another hike for YSA! White Rock Conservation Area

Josh let Andrew take Elly on a little bike ride and she LOVED it!
Elly is such a girl!

Elly wanted to wear her undies around!
Homemade doughnuts!  Elly approves...
We have a cat that comes over every day to have a snooze on our chair, Charlie and Elly love to see it, but its tried biting Elly a few times (she's not sure how to be gentle yet...) 
I got to take Charlie on a date for ice cream and to see Cars 3!  He had like two bites of ice cream and was done - he's not a big lover of sweet things, he's more of a savoury guy

Nima came over for a bit before and after him and Andrew studied for the OSCEs (their big med school test)
The kids love him!

Eating our lunch with the Koalas - can you spot them?

The kids love going over to the sandpit!

Charlie and Elly love when Thomas and Friends come to visit the train museum!  Then there are so many more fun things to do!