Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Edmonton Without Andrew

As mentioned before, Andrew had to go back to Australia for some exams and an orientation, and man life is hard as a single parent! And I wasn't even very single since I had my family around to help. We really didn't do much until the last week and we well and truly were running out of time to do everything we wanted to before we headed back down to Cardston!

All grandpa wanted for his birthday was a picture with all his grandkids - pretty easy to please when his Australian grandkids are in town!

10 month old picture! Where has the time gone? She makes the cutest scrunchy up faces and the most adorable sounds! She's always on the move and loves to play with soft toys giving them hugs and laying on them.  We love our Elly girl

I kept Charlie up to go to the Canada Day Fireworks with Mary and Brian!  He said "mommy, did you know they're hurting the sky?" After a few he was over it and looked all around except at the fireworks. And it was spitting on us.  Good times...

I love this hair!  It gets so many comments wherever we go

Charlie likes to make train and car bread in grandmas breadmaker

Cousins!  Charlie loves playing with Lucy. This day grandma made scones (with icing sugar and cinnamon) they were eating fresh picked raspberries from the yard and they were playing in the hot tub - fun times!

Elly really likes her cousin Easton!  He can always make her smile

After playing at the splash park in Beaumont with cousins, we got to eat at "old McDonalds" as Charlie calls it, and Aunt Sarah bought this HUGE ice cream cone for Charlie

Downtown farmers market!  Charlie looks like he's in pain, but really he's saying "cheese"

Showing off some delicious blackberries - Charlie picked them out and loved them and has been asking for them since... and with good reason! They were the best blackberries i've ever tasted

We also headed downtown one day to go to the street performers festival!  It was so hot and not nearly as fun with kids... the homemade chips and dip and coconut limeade were good though!

Charlie and Aunt Amy watching one of the performers (I think they might have the better shows at night because that's when more people go?)


gone!  This is a rarity.  She has so much trouble sleeping.

On IHOPs birthday they had a $0.58 short stack!  So we were brave and took Aunt Mary and the kids to a restaurant and my what a gong show!  Charlie spilt his chocolate milk and his water and he had a poopy diaper and wanted more and more syrup but wouldn't eat his pancakes Elly wanted to nurse and fall asleep doing it while I was trying to eat my pancakes... but all of our food including drinks was less than $10! Yay for good deals! 
It was time for this boy to get a haircut!

Usually Andrew does it but since he was in Australia... well this was my first attempt and I think not too bad!  My dad helped too.  Well he did most of it, then I cleaned it up.  Team effort!

We thought it would be a good idea to take all the children and two strollers into the ravine for a walk.... gong show!  It was so muddy and overgrown, but I guess an adventure!

Charlie would only climb up the hill holding Eastons hand - cute!

For my birthday I got to go see Newsies with my family - it was SO good.

We headed out to Wabamun Lake one evening and it was gorgeous!  I love how light it stays out here.  I took Charlie in the kayak for about an hour and a half ride, with Amy in the other kayak and Mary on her paddle board. He was especially excited when we went under a train bridge and there were a couple of trains that went over! The tubing and digging and parks were also fun.

All cleaned up and ready to go

She just has the best smile!

We wanted to stick around for the sunset

It was worth it

Play centre at Galaxyland West Edmonton Mall with Sarah's kids

Charlie was having the time of his life!

Elly and Nelly liked it too!

After the playpark we somehow thought it would be a good idea to eat at the mall, and then go see Finding Dory.  It was hectic and crazy, but fun.  I ended up crawling around up and down the stairs at the theatre with Elly while Charlie refused to sit down to watch the movie, so he stood the whole time! Silly kid.  I think it's cause if I ever let him watch shows it's on the IPad and it's on the couch and he stands in front of it... Anyways, we found this little cart at the movie theatre and went to go return it. Charlie and Lucy were having the time of their lives! And we got $1 for returning it... hopefully the people who had it were actually done with it - oops!

Charlie and Grandpa at the Zoo

My dad likes to buy his grandkids affections with ice cream... jokes!

On the train at the Zoo

More Zoo fun

Earlier this day I picked Andrew up from the airport, then we headed almost straight to a Taste of Edmonton with Amy and Shannon and LaNae. Then, because it was so nice out, after dinner we decided to go swimming at the legislature. I love this little swimming suit of Elly's, thanks Shano!

Showing off their muscles!

I like the same-same faces in this picture

While we were down there, there were people everywhere playing Pokemon Go. And I do mean everywhere. It was packed!  And kinda creepy. We were the only ones not walking about with out noses in our phones.  It was nuts and I kinda regret not taking a picture.  We also rolled down hills.  Charlie wanted to go more more more! 

Farewell weiner roast with the Leavitts!
After this all then it's off to Southern Alberta for a few weeks before camping, Salmon Arm, B.C for Mary and Brians reception, then the wedding, then Ellys birthday and then back to Australia!  Wow the time is going so fast!

We Love Summer!

Well Andrew is back from Australia which means I have access to our computer (and therefore pictures) again! He's actually already done his first week of his rural rotation, which means I have so much catching up to do! More time in Edmonton, and then down to Cardston for a Cahoon reunion and Andrews grandmothers funeral, back up to Edmonton, Andrew away to Australia and then back down to Cardston, where we are presently.  I think I'm going to have to split it up into a few posts, so let me get started with the picture overload!

Back at the garden - Elly loves eating dirt!

Oh she's cute! And trouble!

It it so rare to get cuddles - this girl is always on the go!

Charlie and Elly love the trampoline out at Nana and Papas!  Poor Papa was bouncing Elly for ages!

Charlie was simultaneously fascinated and terrified of the horses

Again with the dirt!  She looks like a goth with heavy black lipstick...

We got to visit grandmother one last time, she passed away a few hours after meeting Elly - the only one of her posterity (which is well over 100) with her name! Ellyria Edna Cahoon.

Hanging out with Papa while daddy visits grandmother

Edna was buried out in Leavitt next to her husband, Leon

Charlie trying out the sweet wheels at Nana and Papas, Elly was trying to get in on the action!

On the way down to Cardston Charlie would pass me his dump truck and I would put snacks in it and pass it back - it kept him occupied for a VERY long time - it was a good thing I brought a variety of snacks!

We had a nice long stop at this rest area in Claresholm - Charlie was thrilled with the train, but not thrilled he couldn't go inside!

There was also this little thing that you weren't supposed to go in, but Charlie found it open and so...

I love them both!

Charlie found some fun farm equipment to play on - tractor!

bucket truck!

It was so calm in Waterton this night!  I'm glad we popped out after dinner, because it's rare for things to be this still

Elly and her love of rocks is frightening for me! I'm paranoid all the time she's going to choke

We hiked to Bertha Falls with the cousins, it was a pretty good trip on the way there

The way back? Not so much.  Charlie, despite being carried by Andrew most of the way there REFUSED to let him carry him. He only wanted me, but I was carrying Elly! So Charlie chased after me screaming and crying (we actually made it quite a ways doing it) before we compromised and he could hold my hand.  Eventually the "bumpy lumpy" train got the better of him (read: he was so tired and falling all over the place) and Andrew forced him into the hiking pack.  Oh good times...

Crazy Elly will not leave a hat on!

After the falls we ate lunch by the lake, then headed over to red rock canyon for some water sliding!  We even saw a bear on the way back which is always fun!

Trying to keep Charlie comfortable on the ride home

This is snow we drove through on the way home. At the end of June. Oh Alberta!

Daddy and Elly's goodbye picture

Daddy and Charlie's goodbye picture

I think i've made some pretty good progress!  Stay tuned for more of our adventures...