Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunshine Coast with the Schachers

The kids and I were all super packed and organized, and picked Shan, Alex and Gray up from the airport on the way to Caloundra for a week of fun in the sun!  We stopped at Costco to stock up on the way and boy was the van full.  Literally every inch was filled with stuff!  It was crazy.
Our place was on the fourth (top floor) with an ocean view! Unfortunately it was an older building and there was no elevator and no air con and the kids could fit through the balcony windows - dodgy!!!  But it was still a great time!  As usual, these pictures are in no particular order...

So fun playing on the beach at night!  Alex kept catching things and he even put a fish down Charlie's shirt!  Charlie didn't even seem to mind!
Bli Bli water park after our sessions!
The first day I spilt Costco chicken carcass on myself and the floor as I was taking it down to the trash!  
Lake Currimundi - the water was so gorgeous and clear!
I love how into this book Alex is!  Keeping the kids entertained
Family picture at Currimundi 

Belated birthday celebrations! Shan and Alex completely surprised us

Grayden loved this short beach chair!

This is my "Shannon stop buying stuff!" face (and right after this face I almost always said "Maybe I should buy that too!!!"

We went back to Lake Currimundi a few times during our stay on the Sunshine Coast!

Glasshouse Mountain lookout walk - we were getting eaten alive! 
BBQ by the ocean 
After our BBQ Elly decided she wanted to go down and have a little photo shoot by the water! 

and then she fell in...
Andrew was only around for the second half of the week, as it was the end of his rotation!  My lovely children woke me up a few times early enough to see the sunrise 

One cool thing about Currimundi is that yes, its called a lake, but its right on the ocean so the tide comes in and out making it deeper and shallower.  When its coming in you can float in with the tide!  Which is really fun
Paddleboarding!  So ridiculously hard going against the current!
So we spent most of our time close to shore giving the kids rides!

All that paddling tuckered Elly right out!

Another sunrise... we had a great view from our balcony!
Bli Bli waterpark!  It wasn't very near the ocean, but it was SUPER salty.  I swallowed a few mouthfuls and wanted to barf
Look!  No kids!  Peace and quiet... 
The day before the Schachers left we went to Orion Lagoon, and Elly was rocking her little tutu bathing suit! 
Little buddies 

The last supper - Aussie burgers!

It was so fun having Alex, Shannon and Grayen visit!  Especially after Andrew and I got over our sickness and could do things and have fun with them!  Come again any time guys!  It's hard being so far away from friends and family.  Next up?  The Burtenshaws come for a visit!


Shan, Alex and Grayden headed off to New Zealand for a week just in time to miss our birthdays!  We still managed to have a good time though.  I turned 31 on Feb. 23 and Andrew turned 32 on Feb. 26.  When did we get so old?!?!

Bat Elly, fun times at playgroup
For my birthday we went to try and get all the free things!  Andrew worked the night shift so we got to play during the day.  We were also all fancy and bought yellow watermelon!
They have an animal exhibition on at the train museum right now of confiscated taxidermy specimens, kinda a fun change!
Charlie was thrilled to find this yellow watering can at the train museum!

Elly's first time with a ponytail! 
Free birthday ice cream!
Free birthday churros!  This was right before Charlie smacked his head on the low windowsill and got a huge cut...

Poor guy!  It was seriously such a loud smack! 
Elly the bookworm!  This is her bin of books, she's trying to find her favourites
Charlie helping make biscuits for daddy birthday dinner!  He loves helping in the kitchen 
Charlie and his favourite animal - the cheetah!

We chose a different location at the train museum for our snack, with a cool view!  I love old buildings

The little yellow train is back!  But then they took it away right after we were done using it, so good timing us!  Charlie delivering all his work equipment

Charlie and Elly love this box puzzle! We do it multiple times every trip to the museum.  There is only one combo to make all the smaller boxes fit!

Bat Charlie!

Then the Schachers came back and it was more fun times ahead...