Saturday, April 21, 2018


Since we are poor, I decided to try and take some baby photos of Hazel by myself to try and match up to Charlie and Elly having their baby pictures done (Charlie's by his auntie Cristin - for free - thanks Cristin! And Ellys were done by Amy Steed - for free - thanks Amy! - because she was wanting to practise newborn photography!)

Let me tell you I have ok photography skills when Mary lets me use her nice camera and does all the setting buttons for me, but with an iPhone its terrible.... I sent them all to Mary so she could try and photoshop them nicely - for free - thanks Mary! There are alot and some doubles (some are the originals - its hard to tell when you're choosing pictures to post which ones they are cause they're so little!) but without further ado...


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Introducing Hazel Alice Cahoon!

On Friday March 2 at 2:30pm, Elly was napping and I was reading Charlie "The Secret World Of OG" (such a good book if you've never read it!)  I felt a little gush of liquid (sorry if this is TMI!!) and thought "hm that's strange, I think that might have been my hindwater!"  I told Andrew about it at 3:30pm and he said that I needed to call into the hospital to talk to the midwifes to see if they wanted me to come in and get checked.  With Elly I had the same thing, my hind waters burst but not my forewaters (the bigger amount of fluid) and I went into labour an hour or so later!  But I had also been 4 or 5cm dilated with her for a few days before that, so it wasn't a big surprise to go into labour.  Andrew came home from work a little early at 4:30pm so I didn't have to take the kids in with me, and I headed over to the hospital! 

They were super busy but finally they did a few tests and determined that it was indeed amniotic fluid... I really didn't want it to be!  This was 12 days before my due date and 14 days before my mom arrived, but what can you do?  I was also 3cm dilated and was GBS positive so they made me stay, and said that they would induce me after the lady in front of me was done having her baby - AH!  I had always heard that getting induced was super painful and terrible, but they said that I could get the epidural before getting induced so that I wouldn't have to feel anything - I'm a wimp ok?!? I was hooked up to the fetal monitor and hung out for while, then Andrew and the kids brought over my bag and we had a little visit.  The next time I saw them we'd have a new member of our family!  It wasn't as sad as when I was having Elly, I felt all guilty then that I was abandoning Charlie and he was going to get left out.  But I see how much Charlie and Elly love each other and love play together and it's totally worth it to have more kids!

Andrew took the kids across the street to another intern, Winnys house, and she watched them so that Andrew could be there while I got the epidural. (This was about 7pm)  I still hadn't had any contractions or any discomfort really!  At 8:12pm Andrew left to go get the kids home and to bed, and the drip was started for induction and they broke my waters.  I was 5cm at this point but the head was still up.  I started feeling a bit of pressure down there and told the midwife, but she said that it was just fluid coming out.... ok.... probably about 20 minutes later they decided to check on me and the head was down right there and they wanted me to push - Andrew wasn't there!!!  We called him and told him to come over as fast as he could and luckily we only live 2 blocks from the hospital!  It was also in the middle of a huge rain storm that lasted for a week and caused lots of flooding, so Andrew had to run through a monsoon to get there!  I started pushing and Hazel Alice Cahoon was born at 9:34pm, weighing 7lbs, 2oz (3285g) and 49cm (19.29in) long.  I was the weirdest birth ever, I didn't feel anything, no contractions or pain, just a little bit of pressure, and Andrew said it was the slowest delivery he's ever seen, she just came out slowly slowly, and I could actually watch cause I was sitting up more than with my other kids and it was so cool but weird!!

The maternity ward was packed, so I got stuck in the last bed in a 4 person room and it was terrible!  All those moms getting checked throughout the night and babies crying and yeah, it was not a restful night.  It's funny, the few days after having a baby are way worse than the actual labour!  I always tend to worry about giving birth and forget how terrible the after days are...  We could not get a good latch for breastfeeding, so that was hard and she just cried all the time.  They wanted us to spend 24 hours for monitoring, and because we were in so late at night that meant spending 2 nights at the hospital - but luckily they discharged a bunch of people and I got moved into a private room for the second night (with a shared bathroom and the lady in the other room was up barfing all night, so that was fun...)  Andrew came the next morning to visit and help, then that afternoon he brought Charlie and Elly over to they could meet their new baby sister!  Charlie just had the biggest smile and it was so adorable!  And Elly immediately wanted to give kisses and hugs to "baby Hazel"  And of course both kids loved eating the hospital food with me!

I was so happy to get to go home!  If I had my way I would have left the next morning, but maybe with the next one it will be born in the morning and then I can leave that night.... wishful thinking!  Andrew was supposed to work that next week until Wednesday and then have those next two weeks off, but luckily they're super nice and let him just take off from the Monday, which it so nice, I don't know how I would have done things on my own, having 3 kids is a lot of work!!  And now on to the pictures!

Last time with 2 kids! 

38 weeks!
Stretch!  There's a lot more room outside of Mums belly!

Meeting their baby sister!

What's for lunch mom? 
Squishy baby!
This is a picture of all the closed roads in Queensland when Hazel was born!
 Food had to be flown in to Mt. Isa! 

Our three kids - who is who?  I think they all look so alike!!  (ok the date on the one gives it away...)

Oh Elly and her wild hair! 

Can I just say I love my nightgown I got on clearance at Best and Less for $7??