Sunday, December 31, 2017

Post Christmas and New Years

The week after Christmas was SO COLD.  We were the coldest place on earth (and not surprisingly Mt. Isa was the hottest place on earth that are day - we're going to be doing like a 80 degree change in temperature when we move there on Saturday!!)  Because of that we didn't leave the house a whole lot.  Luckily Mary and Brian and Amy and Beej are excellent at entertaining the children and they get so much attention!  (The following pictures are SUPER out of order... oh well...)

On December 29 it was Andrew and I's 8th wedding anniversary!  We have a tradition of going to paint a piggy bank at Crankpots when we're pregnant, so this time we made two because next time we probably will be in Australia and won't get a chance!

Matching bellys!

New Years Eve 2017!  It happened at 8:30...
Andrew hard at work painting his penguin
NYE dancing!
Elly was really into it!  We watched one of the countdowns on Netflix
Dad and Moms NYE kiss!
We did an escape room the night before NYE and it was so fun!!  We got out with 2 minutes to spare, and I think we had to get 4 or 5 clues - not too bad since only a couple of the group had done it before!
We also went to the Melting Pot on our anniversary and it was great!
Took forever and we were stuffed
I got my hair cut!  I wanted to go as short as I could go with it still being ablate go in a ponytail -
the after pictures you can see above...

Wow I can't believe that I'm finishing this years blog posts on time!  It's 9:47pm on New Years Eve, so I'm just barely getting it done but it was my goal so yay!!!

Christmas 2017

Charlie and Elly are at such a fun age for Christmas this year!  We talked about Santa, and Charlie spent ages cutting out and gluing pictures from catalogues on his Christmas list - we even had to write it all down to send to Santa in a letter because his real list was too big!  We sent it off and got a reply about a week later, so that was pretty exciting! We made Christmas sugar cookies and gingerbread houses, walked down Candy Cane Lane, went to the pageant in Spruce Grove, did a Christmas program in Tofield with Andrews family and even managed to squeeze in family pictures!  It was very busy, I was glad I had done all my shopping and wrapping way in advance!
Nativity on Candy Cane Lane - Elly riding the sheep!
Mikados with the children - they gave us our own little room where your feet dangle into a pit in the floor,
it was nice the kids could just run around and be contained in the room! 
Painting cookies Christmas Eve at Nana and Papas house

Letters to Santa!

Christmas sugar cookies
and decorating!

On the 23 we went out to the Leavitts for family pictures and  after we made/decorated gingerbread houses
(well mom made them with graham crackers and the kids just did the decorating!)

Christmas Eve - Cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer!
Ellys stocking
Charlies stocking

Christmas morning!  I went a bit overboard buying presents for the children...
I'm sure they would have been just happy with their stockings and Santa presents!

The Leavitts came over for Christmas brunch 

Charlie's massive Christmas list! 
...and the second side...

Andrew is Home for the Holidays!

Andrew finished up medical school and packed up the house and sold all of our junk and cleaned everything (with the help of cleaners) and made it home to Canada!  I was so excited, because being a single parent is hard!  Although I was super lucky to have lots of help from my family there are something things you just need the other parent for!  The kids were really excited too, it was the longest we've ever been apart from Andrew.  We also waited for Andrew to find out the gender of baby Cahoon #3 so that was the first thing we did when we got home from the airport!

The kids ran to Andrew when he came through the doors and we sang "I'm so glad when daddy comes home"

Charlie and Elly were really helpful in decorating the Christmas Tree!

Nana and Papas house is so fun!
One day it was pretty warm so we went over to the blue park to get out of the house!
Tim Hortons! 
Oh Canada in the winter time...

I have no pictures of it, but we got two week trial passes with the Schachers to all Edmonton Rec Centres, and we went A LOT!  The kids loved the waterslides and the indoor playgrounds were amazing as the weather was getting super cold!  

For mine and Shannons Christmas presents Andrew and Alex tried to send us to Jasper for two days, but we just felt like we couldn't squeeze it in right before Christmas!  So instead we had a girls day.  The boys took the kids to the Waterpark while Shannon and I went and painted pottery.  I had an emergency Dr appointment (right after my gestational diabetes test so I totally thought I had it!) but it turns out I was just severely anemic, and then while I was there they realized I needed my WinRoe (?) vaccine for having negative blood and so I ended up staying at the Dr office for 2 1/2 hrs while they were back and forth on the phone to the hospital to try and figure out how to make it happen asap.  Meanwhile Shan is waiting at Famoso for me... I eventually made it there and ate (Shan was long done!) then she ran some errands and I came home and got things ready for us to make hazelnut pralines!  We did that and watched a cheesy Christmas movie, and Shan slept over (the kids were out in Tofield).  The next morning we had cinnamon buns and then Shan got eyelash extensions from Mary while I went to the hospital to get my bloodwork done, so that I could go back that afternoon for my injection.  I went home for about an hour in-between (Shan was still getting here lashes done!) then I went and waited for my shot!  Just before she was about to give it to me I remembered that this one was in the butt!  AH I'm glad I didn't remember earlier cause I would have been freaking out for ever!  But it actually didn't hurt that much, i remember it hurting way more in Australia with Elly....  Anyways, I picked up Mikado on the way home and we ate and hung out for a while, and eventually the boys came home with the kids and then we babysat while they went to an Oilers game.  Not exactly the girls day we had in mind with all the dr/hospital visits, but still a nice break from the kids!

Painting ornaments at 'Clay and Cupcakes'.  They didn't have a lot of selection, so I turned my
ornament into a jewelry dish by painting it inside out!  It's very crooked...
Chocolates!  They were super lumpy but yummy!
Shannon eating a lonely dinner on her own...